Hello, my name is Maciej.

I'm a Designer. One of those interdisciplinary hybrids, who wears multiple hats and owns all facets of the design process. These days I'm called Product Designer, bringing my designs to life – from strategy workshops and ideation phase through shiny pixels to coding high fidelity interactive prototypes. Always verifying the hypothesis and, most importantly, testing the product in the wild. How it feels in the real world, beyond the artboards.



Alice is an assistant, personal insurance agent based on Allianz insurance API and IBM Watson AI platform for business. This voice interface bridges the gap between the user and the private insurance system. The app merges Watson artificial intelligence with Apple Siri and HealthKit.




At the biggest cloud company in Eastern Europe took ownership and drove core products experiences. Demonstrated empathy and strong advocacy for our users while balancing business vision with constraints of engineering. Used a wide range of design approaches, tools, and methodologies to solve complex problems.




A small band of rebels from companies like Apple, Google, and HTC created a new company called Nextbit. They created Robin, an Android smartphone that lives in the cloud. I was bridging the gap between product design in San Francisco and the development team in Europe.




Autonomic Controls, Inc. created Mirage Audio System, an audiophile-grade, whole-home audio system which is managed by an app of the same name. With it, you can play music in the entire home from all of your favorite services like Pandora, Spotify, etc. or from your private music collection.


BlackBerryformerly Good Technology


Worked on BlackBerry Work and Good for Enterprise that bridged the gap between highly secured enterprise environments and Microsoft Office. Apps combined encrypted enterprise email, calendar, contacts, document access, and editing. Users could complete any business workflow on-the-go without returning to their desktops.


My design process has a lot of whys. Most of them are focusing on finding, framing, and defining pain points. Merging users and business goals. Figuring out how complex the problem is. The design pushes me to make hundreds of decisions during my creative process.

The most important "why" is actually what do I already know, and where should I start to get this done? Sometimes, I'm running from the beginning by going totally from scratch, creating service blueprint, or mapping user' scenarios. In other cases, I'm polishing details, crafting meaningful interactions, because those tiny little things make designs unique.

Using right tool for the right job is my key to achieve desired outcomes. Recently in love with Figma and Framer X. I was super early adopter of Sketch and went thru the Adobe products in the past. Moving off the UI apps I map experiences using affinity diagrams, story boards, system maps, mood boards and so on. For quantitive research and A/B testing I'm working with Google Analytics, FullStory, HotJar, Amplitude, and Google Optimize.

After 9-5 I'm working on side projects where I learn, grow, develop skills and go often way out of my comfort zones. Every project is different, that’s why every time I find my passion to be a designer. Don't hesitate to say hi.

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I'm a husband and father – my family always comes first. I love cars and racing them at the midnight. Surfer wannabe, always exploring life & places around the World. 

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