Hello, my name is Maciej. The product guy that ideates, designs, and ships large-scale digital products. Now I'm a Product Designer and Product Manager at LiveChat. In the past worked on projects for companies like Buffer, BlackBerry, Nextbit, CoffeeDesk, and home.pl

I'm a (web)surfer since 1996 that wrote first line of code two years later. During BSc in Computer Science, I merged an engineer's mind with a creative soul and took the design path. Some say I'm a unicorn that designs and codes while exploring users’ needs, blending meaningful values with a business strategy.

After 9-5, I'm working on side projects where I learn, grow, develop skills, and often go way out of my comfort zones. Every project is different, that's why every time I find my passion to be a designer. Don't hesitate to say hi. 

Hit me up on my email, twitter or linkedin.

I'm a husband and father – my family always comes first. I love cars and racing them at midnight. Big wave surfer wannabe.